manual way

Slate has a fibrous structure, made of asbestos.Cut it along much more easily than across, for it invented several convenient ways.

can use ordinary hacksaw under the tree.One part of the sheet is placed and secured on a horizontal surface, the other remains on the weight - it is better if it will support assistant.After cutting hacksaw, it will likely have to grind, or even to throw as much blunt blade.

quickly and conveniently cut with a hacksaw on the foam concrete.It is more expensive than usual, but is tuned specifically for asbestos, the cutting surface is coated with Teflon to reduce friction, and large teeth allow you to move quickly and spend less effort.

Shaped holes can be done easily with the help of the usual slat
e nail.First you need to mark the fault line, and then pull out the hammer and nail at a distance of 1-2 cm. The main thing to do everything carefully so as not cracked slate.Then you need to put under the sheet-like shaped piece and gently break the line.

To use this method for the long longitudinal fault, it can be a special device.On the need to fill a straight bar a few nails at a distance of 2-3 cm, you get a kind of sharp comb.Using it is convenient to do the long lines of holes, and then must be placed on the sheet table and neatly break, it is desirable to press simultaneously on the entire length.

mechanized way

If you want to do a lot of work, it is better to use power tools.The most popular method - cutting angle grinder with a diamond blade, or simply, grinder.This creates a lot of dust, so it is important to use a dust mask and goggles.Instead, you can use the diamond blade cutting disc on an ordinary stone, but it will last less.

is also convenient to use elektrlobzik sawing wood - however, it is likely to last for long.When cutting across the grain of slate power tools have to first cut off the tops of the waves, and then the back of the connecting cuts.To create the circular openings can take the drill crown from a desired size.

When working with slate saw better "wet."Two hours before the work place should be well wet cut during operation can also be wet a line or a spray water from a bottle.In this case, the dust is much smaller and easier to cut slate blunt blade is not as fast.All mud flows to the ground or remains on the instrument.