mold in the bathroom comes from the abundance of moisture and a lack or total absence of ventilation.After taking a shower or bath humidity increases significantly, in the absence of ventilation, water vapor deposited on the walls and other surfaces, resulting in the formation of these molds beds.And given the high temperatures prevailing in this part of the apartment, surprised a black spot is no longer necessary.
If you find mold in the bathroom, the first thing you need to get rid of mold in any suitable manner for this purpose.The best tool in this case you will be alcohol at a concentration of 80% and higher.Wear rubber gloves, moisten the sponge with alcohol and carefully wipe the surface, paying particular attention to the joints and grooves.
If mold has penetrated
deep into the tile joints and silicone sealant, a simple rinsing is not enough.You will need to thoroughly clean the affected areas and make a complete reorganization of the room.After all, even the smallest dispute, if not removed, can give new impetus to the development of mold colonies.
found mold in the bathroom, do not try to dry the room fan heaters, and the use of a better time to give up the hair dryer.This is due to the fact that the flow of warm air can pick up spores carry them deep into the apartment and fungus to infect the rest of the room.
Still, better to avoid the appearance of mold in the bathroom initially.Happy owners of the bathroom with a window here are at an advantage, they need only do not forget to ventilate the room, but do not say that all the others are doomed to live with mold.The first step is to check the vents.If they turned out to be clogged, you need to clean them yourself or contact Housing Services Department.
After the water treatments do not close the bathroom door, give a couple the opportunity to get out.Also try to find another place for drying the laundry.Do it often is not easy, but if mold has appeared, it can get on the clothes, and with it move to the wardrobe.
Wipe the walls and a mirror with a towel, removing them from the damp drops.Make sure the furniture in the bathroom is not the charge of close to the walls, you should always leave a gap of a few cm, otherwise the mold will not be avoided.