you need
  • - sandpaper
  • - polish surface treatment baths
  • - airbrush
  • - putty
  • - acrylic insert
Toto begin the restoration of the bath, using one or another way to refer to and consult professionals.But if you want to try to recover your "darling" yourself, proceed as follows.If this is arson or scratches, smooth out all the defects by using sandpaper (with decreasing grain size from 80 to 2000).Do not worry, grinding will not change the color of the bath, as the acrylic material is homogeneous.
then proceeded to polish the special surface treatment.In the event that a deep burn-through, first fill it with liquid acrylic, and only then start polishing.All the necessary materials in advance purchase in a store building materials, so that the process of work you do not have to co
nstantly be distracted by it.
If the defect is expressed in the form of cracks, chisel it drill, zashpatlyuyte and let dry.Next, sanded (with decreasing grain size).And only after that take the airbrush and evenly paint the "healed the wound."
In order to make it less visible, choose "Color" in the color of the bath, since it is individual white bath.When the work is done, leave the paint to crystallize for two days, and then treated with a special polish.
If the bath struck chipped and holes, that is, deeper defects, use it coarsely repair putty, which will cause more even layer and will not crumble.And after you zashpatlyuete damage, grind them with sandpaper and make Shpatlevanie finer sandpaper.Next, go to the painting, carefully selecting the color, and treated with a special polish.
for restoration of the bath can be used acrylic liner that is superimposed on top of the old surface of the bath.This method requires far less recovery time compared to the previous ones.Refer to the experts who are engaged in installing liners and 3-4 hours of your bath will be like new!