Choosing a bath at this time is limited only by their own imaginations and financial capabilities.This kind of plumbing surprised his colors, shapes and materials.In addition to all the usual cast iron, acrylic baths have gained popularity.They have many advantages over steel or brass models.However, there are points on which such modern innovations lose.

Contest: cast acrylic vs

materials made with the latest modern technology, occupy an increasingly prominent place in everyday life.Artificial stone or plastic, resembling natural glass materials have become commonplace.Acrylic bath made of composite material, is the latest fashion trends.

Acrylic when heated exhibits the best properties of plastic.It is in this heated state of it and produce the product by hot stamping, which in future wil
l decorate the bathroom.After this operation, the bath is reinforced.Acrylic product has the following advantages:
- ease;
- perfectly keeps heat;
- perfectly smooth surface;
- the possibility of a quick restoration.

However, we must remember that the acrylic bathtubs have significant drawbacks.These include:

- intolerance to chemical cleaning agents;
- the fragility of the material.Any heavy object can permanently destroy a bath;
- subtlety of design.When filling with water, the product may be slightly deformed;
- the inability to determine the quality of the bath to the eyes.

Despite the drawbacks, acrylic bathtubs better diversity of shapes, colors and configurations.

favorite and reliable cast iron

Although the baths of cast iron can not compete with acrylic in a variety of shapes and colors, they are an alternative for small bathrooms.They have a number of advantages, due to which they are still popular:

- they are resistant to shocks;
- have excellent thermal conductivity;
- iron bathtubs are durable;
- not afraid to temperature changes, and exposure to chemicals.

on cast iron bath applied a special anti-corrosion coating, which prevents it from rusting.This product becomes a noble color and allows you to clean the surface of any chemicals.The disadvantages of cast iron baths include their considerable weight, a small selection of forms.

Bath acrylic or cast-iron bath - which is better?The answer to this question depends on the personal preferences of its future owner.