hand mixing concrete solution.
Concrete solution for laying the foundation is mixed with cement and ballast in the ratio of 1: 5.Take
convenient container trolley or a wooden pallet and measuring bucket.Pour
five buckets of ballast, and on top of it one bucket of cement.
Mix dry mixture with a shovel, until it is a uniform gray color.
Make a hole in the top of the mixture and pour a little water there.Begin
stir from the sides of the funnel.Gradually add water, knead the whole mixture.
Ready-mix concrete should be wet and soft, but not
Mixing concrete solution to a concrete mixer.
Pour into the mixer the water to pour the cement.
Mix the solution for a few minutes before the state of the liquid clay.
Fill to the ballast and mix until until a homogeneous mixture, but not less than 2 minutes.If necessary, add water.
mortar for bricklaying is mixed well.Only in its composition using cement and sand in the ratio 1: 5, if the operation will be carried out above ground level, and a ratio of 1: 3, if the clutch is located below ground level.