Pilates Principles

Basic principles of Pilates are to strictly follow exercises, and follow all recommendations.In this case, from the sport will be only one use.Experts who taught this technique argue that if all the rules of Pilates exercise harm the human body is not possible.

Pilates Fundamentals and rules:

  • observance of harmony between the left and right halves of the body;
  • learn to breathe using the diaphragm;
  • performing an exercise to learn how to focus it on the muscles that are exposed, that is load;
  • constant monitoring not only the spine but also the posture;
  • Pilates also teaches to relax, so thanks to him that a man does not accumulate muscl
    e tension, which later can turn into fatigue;
  • exercises should be both crisp, smooth and coordinated;
  • in Pilates slowly but constantly need to increase the load.

This shows Pilates

opinion that Pilates should only deal with those people who do not fit into any other type of fitness is partly true, because for classes they do not need anything other than how to get to the gym.Pilates is often recommended to those people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, for example:

  1. Osteoarthritis;
  2. Hernia;
  3. osteochondrosis;
  4. Dislocations;
  5. Arthritis;
  6. Osteoporosis.

Also, this technique helps to recover from the trauma of the spine and limbs.If you want to correct an ugly posture or improve their stretching exercises according to the kind of fitness you will fall just in time.

To contraindicated Pilates

As you probably noticed, indications and benefits from Pilates are many, but there are some contraindications.Fortunately, many of them are temporary, so almost everyone has a chance to learn much useful and interesting kind of fitness.


  1. Status fever;
  2. Severe varicose veins;
  3. Increased body temperature;
  4. exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  5. bleeding;
  6. presence of acute infections;
  7. inflammation in injuries and bruises;
  8. thrombosis.

After removing most of the above contraindications, you can immediately begin or continue to explore Pilates workout suspended.