you need
  • - siding with a set of standard profiles;
  • - Carpentry tools;
  • - fasteners (nails, screws);
  • - wooden rail 40x60 mm;
  • - Roulette;
  • - electric;
  • - level;
  • - plummet.
Prepare the walls of the house trim to siding .Remove from them the old trim, trim, shutters - all the excess that is on the walls.If you have between the logs or timbers slots prokonopatte their oakum, jute cord or lnovatinom.Seal with foam all other holes: on the ins and outs of pipelines and cables, etc.
crates arrived on the wall of wooden slats 40-60 mm, placing them vertically in increments of 30-40 cm. Nail the additional rail on the inner and
outer corners, around window and door openings.The outer surface of rails crates must be in the same vertical plane.Check this with a plumb line.If necessary podtesyvayte logs or under the rail insert lining of scrap boards.
Promerte surface of the house and calculate the necessary amount of siding.The resulting amount, multiply by a factor of 1.1, taking into account the losses on the fit and trim.Make a range of standard profiles, installed near windows and doors, internal and external corners, in places end connection brackets, top and bottom walls.
Fix where needed crates standard profiles: okolookonnye, okolodvernye, connecting profiles for decoration of external and internal angles, etc.At the bottom of the walls on their perimeter secure the sump and the initial profiles.Before attaching the check with a plumb and level of vertical and horizontal surfaces of standard profiles.
mount fixture Perform siding with anti-corrosion coating (galvanized nails or screws, aluminum nails).Diameter hats fixture should be at least 10 mm.The distance between the attachment locations should not be more than 40 cm. Cutting siding Perform sawing of metal construction with a knife or scissors, metal grinder.
Proceed to the house wall siding , starting from the initial strip.Hook the lower edge of the panel for the initial projection strips (hereinafter - the projection for the underlying strip) and pull it up to full connection to the bottom panel, and then attach the strap to the upper edge of the rails crates nails or screws.Fasteners place in the center of the fixing groove.Between the cap and strap fastener leave a small (0.5-1 mm) gap.
Provide also end clearance (in the summer - 5-6 mm in the winter - 8-10 mm) between the panels and standard profiles that have been fixed earlier - connecting, corner, okolookonnymi, okolodvernymi etc..This free fastening of panels will give them a degree of freedom necessary to compensate for thermal expansion.Compliance gap is a very important requirement, it may result in ignoring the swelling and rupture of the lining.