you need
  • - wooden block 60x60 mm;
  • - Edged board;
  • - insulation made of mineral wool;
  • - waterproofing film;
  • - a type of floor covering (parquet, laminate, floor board, linoleum, etc.);
  • - Building hardware;
  • - Carpentry tools.
Select the type of flooring that you are going to use.This can be parquet, floorboards, laminate, linoleum, and so forth. It is also necessary to decide whether you insulate the floor.Depending on the answer to this question is the construction of sex can significantly modified.
need for warming the floor device the rough ceiling.To suppo
rt his nail to the bottom sides of the rail support beams 30-40 mm thickness - so as to pass through the support posts, they relied on them.
Place on rack boards from coniferous trees treated with antiseptic - so that they form a solid platform.Over the sub-floor lay a polyethylene film or any other waterproofing material.The joints of the film, seal construction tape.
laid on waterproofing between the beams mineral wool boards.Ensure a tight fit to the edges of the boards and joists to each other.The thickness of the plates should be such that, between their upper surface and the floor covering is a gap of 30-40 mm required for ventilation.
top of supporting beams - perpendicular to them - lay logs of timber 60x60 mm.First, set the level using the same horizontal plane two series of extreme lag, then pull the cord between them and lay on it all the intermediate boards.The distance between the beams must be equal to about 50 cm. By providing the horizontality using the lining of boards or hardboard, if necessary podtesyvayte girders.
Further work depends on the type of flooring.When using all kinds of floor except the floorboard must be laid on the joists osnovanie.Esli is parquet flooring, place under a further lag perpendicular already laid in the same plane with them.In this part of the additional lag should be based on the supporting beams, other have to install an additional support of the boards, in the abutting ends of the beam.Ultimately, the design of the lag should take the form of a honeycomb cell size of about 50x50 cm.
Place the plywood on the joists 18 mm thick, secure it with screws in increments of about 250 mm.Joints sheets should fall on the surface of the lag.The roughness of the base height should not be more than 2 mm per 2 meters of surface, if this condition is not satisfied, moved using abrasive wheel roughness.Laying of parquet on plywood is carried out by that technology, which is recommended for a specific type of flooring.
When using laminate or linoleum device solid wooden base, based on logs in the form of cells, is also necessary.However, the requirements are less stringent for him.Dimensions cells formed logs may be increased in one direction up to 80-100 cm, can be used plywood 12 mm allowable roughness height - 2 mm per 1 m length.
for laying floorboard without having to install additional lag.In fact, it can be installed without any lag, directly on the support beams, but only if the distance between them does not exceed 1 m, and their surfaces are in the same horizontal plane.The most common is that it is much easier to put first lag, and only then - floorboard.