However, if you need to clear the blockage by water in the country, some simple everyday ways to be useful.

1. The quickest and easiest option - it is the use of the valve.An effective this method is only in the presence of a small blockage, if it is a small fault, of blockages will be forgotten in a few minutes.If not at hand and plunger may be used instead cartons, for example, it is one which is used as packaging for dairy products.Such a package is cut edge is inserted into the cut portion of the drain hole, then click on the hand sharply package.

2. If the obstruction is large enough surface and methods for its removal are ineffective, it is possible to use specialized chemical composi

tions.They can not even damage the polyethylene pipes, so that they can be safely used at home and at the cottage.However, if you do not have and cleaning pipes, it is possible to use an analog home: pour into the sink ordinary table soda, then pour a little vinegar to (not more than 100 ml).Due to the reaction, resulting from the interaction of soda and vinegar in the pipes disappear even clogged.However, when using this method is to comply with safety regulations.

3. If you need to clean the pipes, which are made of metal, acceptable is the use of a cable.It can be used in other types of tubes, but during non-professional use, it can damage the surface of polyethylene pipe or joint, made by fitting.

Blockages can occur unexpectedly, as they often cause no foreign objects are caught in the pipe, and poor water quality, and food debris caught in the drain.In order to promptly deal with clogged in the arsenal it is always necessary to have the chemicals, as well as the plunger, which, despite the presence of a variety of innovations, still remains the most effective means of combating blockages.