you need
  • Measuring tape, calculator.
Area Calculation drywall for headliner.To learn squaring the ceiling, you have to multiply the length of the room by its width.The resulting figure will be talking about the necessary amount of square meters of plasterboard .
If you plan to do a two-tiered ceiling, make a note of the dimensions of a box on the second sheet of paper.Given the fact that the area of ​​a standard sheet of GCR is three square meters (1.2h2.5), you can easily count the number of drywall for registration of second level.
Calculation of drywall for wall cladding.In order not to be measured in each wall separately, bothered with the extra numbers, you can directly measure the entire wall sur
face.To do this you need to initially choose any starting angle for measuring.Lean roulette to the corner and then pull it out at length, which will be able to draw.
Lock the line in the wrong place, how far you stretched it.Release the region from which you started and hold the edge opposite one.
Again, pull the tape measure to the maximum length of the line and hold at the point up to where it was stretched.So do as long as until the end of line roulette.If the line is over and you have not reached the point of the angle from which to start, put a mark on the wall where it was last value roulette (2, 5, 10 meters, etc.).Rewind the tape and start a new measurement with the marked point.Once you get to the starting angle, fold the total length of the walls and multiply it on their height.This result record on paper.
Measure the square the window and door openings and subtract its value from the total area of ​​the walls.The resulting number would mean a necessary amount of drywall in square meters.Given the possible missteps in the future work, buy a 1-2 extra sheet.If they are not used you can return them to the store.