you need
  • polypropylene pipes and fittings, concrete, rubble bag, toilet, building finishing materials.
Select a location in the house, which would be down the toilet.The most optimal - select a portion of a sanitary one small living room.Subsequently, there will be able to establish not only the toilet, and bathroom or shower, sink, washing machine.The room that you choose a toilet, should be on the side of the house, where there will be a drain hole.
dressing room or corner of the house fenced off trim soundproof materials.From sanitary reasons for finishing the bathroom in the house is recommended to use DSP, sheets of drywall, paneling, plastic panels for walls and ceilings, ceramic and tile floor.
the street from the selected areas at a minimum distance of 2-3 m
eters from the walls of the house dig a square hole.The length of the sides of it should have a minimum of 2 meters each, the depth of 2.5-3 meters.Pit walls Grout.At its bottom, pour a bag of gravel or crushed stone.
Then comes an important step in installing a toilet in the house - the laying of sewerage polypropylene pipes of large diameter (80-110 mm) from the place where it will be the toilet to the drain hole.There are two types of wastewater: gravity and forced.
Set gravity sewer view, if you have the opportunity to put a pipe in a trench dug from the house to the hole so that the top of her point about the toilet was above the sink.There are some estimates of SNiP - with every meter sewer pipe should fall by 2 cm from the drain hole.
Place the pipe in the trench to a depth of at least half a meter, or a little deeper.The depth of the trench depends on the weather conditions of the area in which you live, and possible freezing method pipe insulation.
If it is impossible for some reason to use a gravity sewer, are enforced.To do this, the pipe connects fecal compact pump.Or should advance purchase toilet with integrated sewage pumps.
Connect with plastic pipe fittings to the toilet.Attach the toilet to the water.The drain hole is recommended to cover, insulate the pipe insulation material and covered with soil.
Not all homes are equipped with central water supply.If not, drill a well on the site and deliver the water to the house with the help of pump systems, such as "Gnome" or others.Due to this hydraulic pump, next to the toilet, you can install other plumbing points simplifying life.