Start not only with the training room: regular Walking up the stairs instead of the elevator perfectly strengthens the thigh muscle and stimulates blood flow to the muscles!Come a few flights of stairs several times a day - and about a few weeks you will feel tangible results.
Bicycling - both regular and an exercise bike at the gym - simply irreplaceable, if you want to pump up the legs.Without aerobic activity anywhere - it burns excess fat and allows the muscles to "pick out»
Each morning, perform a simple exercise - it will help pump up the inside of the thighs, and legs no longer seem weak and thin.Stand up straight, feet should be about shoulder width apart and slightly to the side to watch.Now sta
rt very slowly, as if feeling the thigh muscles, getting up on his toes.Just slowly descend on the whole foot.Repeat this 25 times at first, and gradually increase to as much as 50.
«Scissors."This simple exercise will strengthen and pump not only leg muscles, but also the area of ​​the lower press.Lie on your back, lift your legs about 45 degrees and begin to imitate their scissors, reducing and spreading out in different directions.This exercise is very important to perform a completely straight legs, but in this case, the load is complete.Also, try to press the back as close as possible to the floor.
Squats - this is a great way to "wake up" the blood supply to the lower body and legs, the muscles begin to surge of blood and nutrients, they quickly developed.Do 20-30 squats twice a day and you will soon see the results!It is important to perform the squat building on the entire area of ​​the foot rather than the toes - in which case it will swing the hips, not the shin and calf.