you need
  • - bath;
  • - tiles;
  • - trowel;
  • - leveling compound;
  • - waterproof sealant;
  • - plastic tips.
Before installing the bath, a special cement screed or solution Line area of ​​the floor on which it will stand.Next lay cemented portion of hard floors with tiles, has good strength, and, as instructed, hold it a certain time.
Make your choice bath, as bath of different materials in different ways to install.Choosing a bath (iron or steel), carefully, store it in the bathroom, with the threshold and floor cover with a thick soft material, which will serve as a kind of protection for the bath and for the new ceramic coating.
When tiles enough to "grab", set support.Installation iron bath hammer wed
ges in stages from the center to the edges of the bath.By installing a steel bath, use the reliance on self-adhesive overlays, which can be regulated.When buying, choose a short and long support screws that will be more convenient to make installation work.
If the floor tiles has a sliding surface, then fix the ends of the legs with a polymer adhesive waterproof formula.And in order not to split the tile when using the bathroom, install support by wearing them beforehand plastic tips that should also be fixed on the tile with adhesive.
After the final installation of the bath make a finishing work on the hydraulic protection gaps and grouting.Gaps can be repaired with the help of adhesive tape on the curb based or ceramic floor.