you need
  • water, vinegar, potato peels, citric acid, silicate glue.
If limescale formed on the metallic article, place it in a container of hot water.Water should be very hot, the temperature should be close to the boiling point.After holding the product in hot water, scrape off the limescale hand - he must be well separated from the surface.
Put the object on which plaque was formed in the container and fill it completely with water.Then add the water a little vinegar (in a ratio of about 1:10) and put the container heated on a slow fire.After a while, you will notice, as scale will start to dissolve.
If, for example, clogged tea, take a handf
ul of potato peelings and rinse them thoroughly in order to completely remove the dirt.Then put them in the kettle and cover with cold water, then all you need to boil a few times.
Pour water into the container, then pour back several bags of citric acid.Stir the resulting solution until complete dissolution of the acid in it and immerse the product covered scum.Then boil the contents and let stand for twelve hours.
Mix water with silicate glue.Mix well: one liter of water, add one standard vial silicate glue.Stir the mixture, dip the components to be cleaned in a solution and well boil.