you need
  • - decorative stone in slabs;
  • - adhesive composition;
  • - dowels;
  • - spatula;
  • - rags;
  • - container (bucket);
  • - building level;
  • - reinforcing fiberglass mesh.
Prepare the base for laying stone.It must be dry, sound and firm.Remove from the surface of the old paint, traces of the solution, dust, dirt, oil particles.If the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees before applying the adhesive, moisten the substrate with water.
Prepare adhesive.The container pour 5-7 liters of clean water at room temperature.Pour in the water for about two-thirds of packaging adhesive and mix thoroughly.
Add a solution of the residue mixture and bring it to the state of a homogeneous mass.Use kneading electric beater, which may be made of wire.The resulting mixture soak a few minutes, then mix again.The mixed adhesive is used for three hours.Approximate consumption of adhesive is 6 kg per square meter of the surface of the stone.
Apply a thin layer of glue on the back surface of the stone slab, using a flat spatula.Then re-apply the solution to the plate in the form of small pellets.On the edge of the stone make the adhesive rim.
Firmly press the plate with an adhesive composition to the base, align it with the spirit level and fix dowels.
Now apply a reinforcing layer.This should be done in a day after gluing boards.Adhesive for this purpose prepares the way described above.The composition of the first smooth trowel, apply a layer of 2 mm, and then use the trowel.Depress the reinforcing mesh in the adhesive layer and smooth with a spatula.The mesh should be at a depth equal to one third of its thickness.
When working ensure the desired temperature.The temperature during the work should be in the range of 5 ... 35 degrees.After drying, the adhesive solution should be protected from direct sunlight.
Immediately after gluing decorative stone clean hands, and the capacity of the used glue.