you need
  • patience
Before you start doing any stretching exercises, you need a good warm up to ligaments become more flexible and obedient.10-15 minutes total workout (squats, jumps, swings his arms and legs) would be sufficient.
Sit on the floor, legs straight, spread apart so that they form a right angle.Alternately, take a deep bites to both legs.Control your knees, do not let them bend.Try to bend deeply, but not due to stress, and by relaxing the muscles.Breathe deeply.
Sit on the floor, legs straight, spread as widely as possible.Keeping your back straight, do tilts forward.First, lean on for 4-5 seconds, slowly holds up to 30-40 seconds.Most importantly - do not bend your back.Better lean not as deep, but well.
Stand on the right knee, the emphasis - on the left leg.Try to take the right leg back as far as possible.Repeat with the other leg the same.
Lie on your back and legs straight, spread as widely as possible.Do spring movement, gradually stretching the groin muscles.Hold your feet in position diluted from 5 to 15 seconds (still slowly).
Sit on the floor, legs in the "butterfly" (foot to foot).Try to separate your knees as far as possible, be clamped to the floor.Hold for 10-15 seconds in this position.
A week of regular exercise you can try to catch a forward split.One foot in front and the other behind.Relying on their hands, they have fear.The main act carefully, without sudden movements.If you feel that the flexibility is not enough yet - keep practicing the previous exercises.

Good luck!