Cucumbers do not like stress.To prevent a bitter taste, and disease, which often suffer from these plants, provide comfortable conditions during flowering and fruiting.During this period it is important that there is enough moisture, and the soil is always moist.Cover the bed of plastic wrap directly into the soil after planting cucumber seedlings.To protect the plants well suited modern covering materials, transmissive infrared radiation.All the shelters with the beginning of flowering to remove.
Use organic mulch to speed up fruiting and increase yields.However, the straw can be used for this purpose only when the soil warms up to 20 degrees.Mulching
will help maintain a moist soil and will prevent the emergence of weeds from the beds.
This plant does not like direct sunlight and heat.At high temperatures, increases the number of male flowers.Make sure that the bed of cucumbers hid delicate shade - you can make a hedge of tall plants or even pull the awning, retaining 40-50% of sunlight.
cucumber seedlings are planted in well-drained soil and warmed to the level of pH 6-7.For the dressing, use an infusion of nettle and dandelion with water sootnoshenii1: 1: 10.
Provide each bush cucumber plenty of space for growth.If you are using a trellis method, the distance between the bushes should be 20-30 cm. In the garden of place the plants at a distance of 1 m apart and the distance between the beds should be 120-150 cm.