Sit cross-legged, back straight, fingers behind his back locked in the castle.On the inhale pull up the crown, with an exhalation, lower the chin to the base of the neck.Begin to roll the body forward, stretching his back.Point the top of the head down, trying to touch her sex, it does not tear off the surface of the buttocks.Stay in the pose for 1 minute.On the inhale gently straighten the spine, imagining if putting each vertebra into place.With the next breath, pull up the crown, extending the spine.
not change its original position, just move the hands on the knees.On the inhale send his stomach and chest expand as much as possible by pulling the shoulders back.Lower chin to the base of the neck.Hold for 1 minute.With breath return spine to starting position.
Stand on the right knee, straighten your left leg, and
move exactly in the direction.Stretch your arms up, stretch the spine of the crown.On exhalation tilt the body to the left, put his hand on the stretched thigh and right hand, continue to pull over the head.Follow the slope of 1 minute.On the inhale slowly straightened up, put your hands up and pull crown.Repeat the slope to the right, changing foot positions.
Sit on the floor, pull your left leg in front of you and bend your right knee and the heel in place in the groin.Place the left hand on his right knee, right hand pull ahead.With breath twist the spine to the right side, put his hand behind his back on the floor.Hold the pose for 1 minute.Raise your right hand up and exhale, return to starting position.Repeat twisting to the left side, change legs and hands sometimes.
Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and place your feet near the buttocks, palms put under the shoulders.On the inhale lift the body up, straightening the legs and arms.Take a pose "bridge".Hold the position for at least 10 seconds.With an exhalation, lie on the floor.Pull your knees to the stomach and the chin to point the feet.Rounded back, shaking her back and forth for 1 minute.On the inhale lie down on the floor and relax.