1. course, if far away from your home water main passes - should take advantage of this gift of fate, and connect to it.However, you can carry out heating, even when the central water supply is completely absent.But for this it is necessary to ensure the continued availability of water in the home - for example, near a dig quite deep well
    structure.Once the well is ready, you must purchase the appropriate equipment - reliable and powerful electric sufficiently capacious water storage tank, valves, pipes and heaters.

  2. Pipeline carried out according to plan, paving systems, approved by all authorities.Remember that place piping must be positioned correctly - firstly, the piping must be direct (for the presence of right angles is not permitted), and secondly, as short as possible.The entire length of the pipeline should be as short as possible and bends of joints, which in the future may become a place of leakage.Water circulation pipes can be bent, if required by the plan of the room, but do overlap is not recommended - places overlaps can accumulate air pockets.

  3. To mount the heating system, you need pipes, radiators, valves and couplings.Select the pipe should be based on your own needs and financial possibilities.The most popular varieties of soft tube steel: easy to work with them, and they are inexpensive.But they have one drawback - the exposure to corrosion.

  4. main part of the heating system - it is the boiler, so its selection should be taken responsibly.Today you can buy boilers, heat which can be any kind of fuel: gas, electricity, oil or solid fuel.