Pros and cons of installing washing over stiralka

main problem with this solution - the danger of installing drain household appliance which periodically vibrates when washing.This can lead to failure of the discharge pipe, which, in turn, will provoke ingress of water to the machine communications.

If you installed over the sink washing machine and realized that its height above the desired level, you need a compact washing machine.

Deciding to install a wash basin in such an unusual place, try to choose a suitable model of the washing machine and get ready for the replacement of the mixer.This is due to the fact that the mixers are generally not located at the height which corresponds to the height of the washstand.

greatly simplifies the installation of a drain on the side of the si
nk - but for the installation you have to find the right model wash as usual shells have a very small space of the drain trap to the edge.As a result, under this washbasin it is often impossible to establish even a tiny bedside table, not to mention the rather big washing machine.

rules setting

washing machine under the sink is a versatile, profitable and aesthetic solution.By installing the sink over stiralka, remember that the depth of the machine should be no more than 60 centimeters - this will protect it from the control panel splashes while washing hands and rinsing of economic affairs.

to water does not get in the washing machine, be sure to choose the wash basin, which will be covered entirely your appliance.

width selected you sink must have at least 580 millimeters in width, complete with sewage pipe and at least 500 millimeters without the tube.The space between the sink and the side wall must be at least 20 centimeters, and in front of the sink should be left at least 80 cm of free space.

load washing machine should not exceed 12 kilograms.Also, do not place the sink on stiralka.Installation and maintenance of such a structure, it is desirable to carry out not their own, and to entrust it to a professional plumber.

For the most advanced users, there are washing machines have built-in washbasin.Such a ready-made kit can cost much cheaper, as opposed to the washing machine and sink that were purchased separately.In any case, before settling on which option will be in your bathroom, you should study the pictures and the variations in the installation directory, or on industry websites / forums, where you can also get valuable feedback direct users.