calculation can be performed using the formula: length of the walls of the structure multiplied by the height and multiplied by the thickness of the timber purchased .The resulting number is the amount of cubic meters required for construction.But, as already stated above, this calculation is a rough figure.
can calculate differently.Calculate the length of the walls around the perimeter of the structure and the length of the split beam .Get the number of timber required for the installation of a crown.Measure the height
of the erected structure and divided into thick timber .The resulting figure is the amount of timber necessary for erection heights.It should be multiplied by the number of load-bearing walls and multiply by calculate the figure, which is required for the installation of the crown.The resulting number is the amount of timber in pieces.
If your structure accommodate not only the load-bearing walls around the perimeter, but more, for example, to separate the house and porch, then you need to consider when calculating the length and height of all load-bearing walls.
All calculations undisclosed subtract from the calculated bar area of ​​windows and doors.But even to calculate the amount of timber , not throwing the basis of the area of ​​windows and doors, it is necessary to add 20-25% above the calculated amount.
In addition, after the completion of the walls of timber required for the installation of truss roof structure.Therefore, if you do not want to bear the additional costs of transporting timber , should calculate all the required number timber to install bearing truss.