you need
  • - pliers;
  • - new float;
  • - new rubber gaskets;
  • - plastic bag.
Inspect the entire structure.It is necessary to find the place in which there is a water leak.Be ready at any time to block the flow of water in the tank .Sometimes the cause of the leak becomes a crack in the toilet or in a tank.Find a flaw is very difficult.Use a strong source of light to illuminate the entire surface of the ceramic.If any part of the ceramic cracked, it should be replaced by a new one.At the same time you need to buy the exact same item.
Carefully unscrew the lock ring that holds a button or lever drain.Typically, two types of flush valves - in the first
case drain occurs after clicking on the button, and the second after pulling the lever.There is another type of toilets, when the drain tank located almost at the ceiling, but it is rarely used today.
If you rychazhkovy drive, then unscrew the knob on the end of the drive.Then carefully remove the lid of the tank.If the drive button, it is necessary to unscrew the locking ring in addition also the upper part of the button.
Make primary diagnosis of all parts to try to determine as accurately as possible the place where the leak.Try to define it by ear.To do this, try to take up the actuator rod and press it down.If after this the murmur of the water ceased to flow away, the reason lies in the loosening mechanism.To resolve this problem gently pull all connections.Do not overtighten the plastic spacers as they may crack.
Replace sealing ring of rubber, if the water flows away from the place where tank attached to the toilet bowl.Over time, it quickly wears out.Keep in mind, the new ring must be the same size with the old.Along the way, clear all connections from adhering dirt and rust.After installing the new pads do not forget to lubricate parts special sealant.
Check the tightness of the float - the details of which will automatically adjust the water level in the reservoir.Inside the hollow float.If the surface of the sprung a leak, the water will flow.Leaky float must be replaced with a similar new one.Before replacing necessarily turn off the water.
If you can not install a new float, you can repair the old one.Put it in a basin filled with water.The holes can be found on the facing of the housing bubble.Pour all the water inside.Hole solder.You can also put a float in a sealed plastic bag.
Check the drain valve, which is installed between the hose and tank.Try to parse the connection mechanism and clean it with a special brush.Also, replace all rubber gaskets.