Tip 1: How to put a decorative stone

Decorative stone actively used in the design of buildings.Many people think that laying it in the same way as a conventional wall cladding tiles.Share truth in this, but the texture, size of the stone and the material from which it is made, determines some features of working with him.
you need
  • Decorative stone, glue, notched trowel, an ordinary trowel, grout
Decorative stone is artificial and natural.In the first case it is easier to work, difficulties will cause only its shape.The real stone is very heavy, so if you use his name, make sure the surface you're stoning, has sufficient bearing capacity.For example, if the wall is covered with putty fragmentary it after some time may gradually degrade, losing one stones.
Clean and degrease the wall on which you will be putting stone .Zashpaklyuyte surface irregularities, cover the surface of the primer.Let the wall dry completely.
As decorative stone has an irregular shape, it is difficult to immediately
understand what it is supposed to be drawing on the wall.While the wall is dry, spread the material for lining the floor in the order, which will be attached to the wall.
diluted polhodyaschey capacity glue for stone.It is best to use special formulations specifically for this material, asthey have a greater tenacity and elasticity.Dissolve the dry mixture with water in the proportions as indicated on the package.
Take a notched trowel.A small spatula to apply the adhesive mass nezubchatuyu of the spatula.Smooth motion, spread the adhesive on the wall and smooth coating so that the thickness of the entire surface was the same.Attach the first stone (for better grip, you can moisten it with water) and press.Spread stone can be in any direction, but the most cost-effective it will be spending during installation since the angle.
as the work progresses, make sure that the adhesive did not get on the decorative surface of the stone.If this happens, it is better to immediately wash it off with water (no cleaning agents and scratch the surface of the materials), or a dried composition will be very difficult to remove.
space between the decorative stones are usually left blank.If you wish, you can decorate his grout for large seams (its color can be picked up in the color of the stone).Since the rough surface of the stone, grout should be applied very carefully and then rinse with water in case of contact stone .

Tip 2: Why Moscow will no longer put paving

spring online procurement was announced immediately on the 14 auctions a total sum of 350 million rubles.All tenders were subject to the replacement of asphalt paving in the Russian capital.But closer to the fall of the mayor of Moscow has decided to freeze the project.
Why in Moscow will no longer put paving stones

Replacing asphalt tile began in Moscow in 2011.The decision was made Mayor Sobyanin.For the half year were carried out large-scale works, namely laid about 400 thousand square meters of paving stones worth more than one billion rubles.City officials plan to change the coverage area to 1.13 million square meters.m. However, the ideas have not been implemented.

first reason that did not change in the asphalt paving - a banal lack of funding.In the capital, and so many problems that require major funding.And the cost of four billion rubles would be left without subsidies set of structures.At the moment, already allocated for the replacement of asphalt 350 million rubles, for example, will be used to repair the pavement.

second reason, because of the innovations that have been postponed, was dissatisfaction with the locals.Tiles on the sidewalk was laid unevenly.Pedestrians filed complaints, picketed.Of course, it could not pass unnoticed Sobyanin.Rather than improve the quality of repair, he just canceled all innovations.Already laid paving is planned to be moved to squares and parks.

According to many people, the decision to replace pavements did not look like an attempt to equip the city, and the desire of the authorities to prove that they still care about the capital.Even in 2011, slightly more than half of Muscovites were strongly against the tile.The following year, the number of people who disagree with the decision of the mayor, has increased.During the winter pavers strongly deformed.And though the authorities claim that the coating looks perfect, numerous bloggers have spread on the Internet photos, which prove the contrary.

Moving on some streets of Moscow became problematic.Girls and women have broken heels, rollers are not able to travel, and young parents have argued that rolling carriages on the pavement is not possible.To solve two problems at once: to save money and to reassure citizens, and it was decided to leave the asphalt streets of the city.

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