you need
  • - vinyl siding;
  • - metal slats;
  • - cord;
  • - level;
  • - screws.
To finish the home best suited vinyl siding, such material is high-quality and inexpensive.Pay attention to the pattern, texture and coloring, they must be in harmony with the rest of the style of the house and yard.Siding is not necessary to tint, enough at times to wash out of the hose.As a result of lining you can warm the house.
First you need to make a crate.It may consist of timber or metal profiles.The tree, in this case - the most expensive and not the best option.To take the metal crates galvanized steel.
as fasteners using dowels for quick installation, they are used just for brick houses.Make marks on the wall usi
ng paint or trace cord.Instead, it can take a plummet.At the bottom and top of the wall every two feet do the risks, connect them together cord.For this to work you need an assistant.
to establish the definition of fasteners and installation of vertical lattice guided to the line cord.Fasteners start set with angular profile, remove it as close as possible to the edge of the building.From the opposite corners of a half-meter stretch thread.It will be marked for uploading other profiles.
for mounting siding prepare a laser or water level to properly install the drain bar and define the horizon.Lace beat out a horizontal line on which you will then fasten the drain bar.Fastened it with screws or pressshayboy.Do not drive the them to the end, place the center of the mounting groove to the bar can be moved.
the top slots flitches not slipped, fix them up.The remaining components are bolted in the middle of the slot.Now you can install the siding panel.Do not attach them close to each other as they expand in the heat.How it will expand the band must be indicated on the packaging.