Check fire extinguisher is carried out in accordance with the instruction manual by a person who is appointed by order of the organization trained and tested for knowledge of the extinguisher device and normative technical documents on its operation.
Before the introduction of the extinguisher into operation perform the initial inspection, check the appearance of the device, check the complete set, state of the installation location, including free access to the fire extinguisher.
On examination, note the presence of chips, dents, scratches on the body, the nut and the head of the fire extinguisher.Check the condition of the protective coating.Instr
uctions to the fire extinguisher should be clear and understandable.The safety device shall be sealed.
If the design fire extinguisher provided gauge or pressure indicator, check its serviceability, the presence of stigma, the pressure in the gas tank.
Check the weight of the fire extinguisher, the state of the flexible hose and the spray gun.They must be free of corrosion, contamination of objects that impede the normal operation of the extinguisher.
Check the undercarriage mobile fire extinguisher and tightened his body.Portable fire extinguisher must be securely fastened to the wall or in a cabinet fire.
The audit make a mark in the passport of a fire extinguisher, assign it a serial number marked on the device and record in the register of fire extinguishers.
during the annual inspection conducted by an external inspection of fire extinguishers fire extinguishers, as well as inspection of the installation and the approach to it.Perhaps the selective opening of fire extinguishers to assess the condition of the filter and check the parameters of the extinguishing agent.In the case of mismatch with regulations eliminate the causes of deviations and recharge the extinguisher .