In classical yoga asana means a posture of the body, which should be carried out steadily and without strain.

Sirshasana or "royal pose" as yet called headstand among yogis, is one of the most powerful asanas in yoga practice.This position is in the list of unlikely, therefore, requires specific training and compliance performance.Also, there are some contraindications to the headstand.

Do not rush

In most cases, the attempt to master this situation does not give the results and the main reason for this - the rush.Trying to stand on his head jerks, it is impossible to understand the mechanism of this asana.

Harness should be gradual.Better to start at the wall.It is necessary to sit down on his knees and put his hands in front of
him on the floor.Hand position should resemble an isosceles triangle, one hand placed on top of the other.

This hand position is fundamental in sirshasane.It helps to fix the head and thus prevent the occurrence of injuries.

putting his head on the floor so that her hands were fixed, try to straighten your knees and move your body weight on its head.To do this, you need to move up the legs closer to the head.This is for the first time for your neck will be enough.Devote a few lessons first step.When you feel good about yourself, taking first position, it will be possible to go further.

The next step is to learn how to take your feet off the surface.To do this, move the weight of the body is completely turned upside down - then raise your legs without jerks will be easy.Standing on your head, do not immediately straighten legs - try to find a balance with the legs bent at the knees, and feel this position.Having mastered the second step, you can go to the bar on the head with straight legs.And when will the internal readiness to perform start sirshasanu without walls.

headstand you can do each day to 10 minutes.After the release, placing your feet on the floor, be sure to perform a gentle massage of the head: the movement should be directed from the sides to the center.Beforehand collect hair to while in the asana they will not interfere.If you are without an instructor, clear video headstand to determine for themselves how well you are doing it.

Use sirshasany is that it lowers blood pressure.If you need after asanas normalize it, you can do as a counter-pose the bridge.


Like any inversions, sirshasanu not recommended for women during the critical days.Also headstand is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular disease and problems with the spine in the neck.