Make the necessary measurements.According to the standards in the construction of the ramps must be level difference of 4 cm or higher at pedestrian crossings, at the entrances of various buildings and facilities.
Measure porch.All houses, hostels to apartments for wheelchair users porch of the main entrance should be no smaller than 1800h1800 mm, in addition to which the ladder is to maintain the ramp with the appropriate slope, allowing a wheelchair to move according to the best safety standards.
Calculate the length of the ramp so that the angle is greater than 20 degrees.This parameter is determined by the ratio of the lift to the length of the horizontal projection of i
ts sloping site.The slope of the ramp must be no more than the ratio of 1:12, and at the rise up to 200 mm - no more than 1:10.Take advantage of special computer programs or spreadsheet calculations.
sure to inspect landings.If there are several flight of stairs, equipped with a ramp at the beginning and end of each march, as well as in their places of rotations necessary arrangement of horizontal areas with a minimum width of 1800 mm.The level difference between the sites should not be more than 80 cm.
Make a drawing of the design, consider mounting options for the site.The ramp, which provides a one-way movement of the disabled should be a width 900-1000 mm.Wheel for bilateral movement - of at least 180 cm.
On the side edges of the ramp and horizontal platforms contemplate bumpers, the height of which must not be less than 5 cm in order to prevent any possibility of slipping carriage.Note that the most common violation of the design is the lack of a horizontal platform at the beginning of the ramp, or an insufficient amount to move the wheelchair.
Pick compliance coverage.It must be continuous.In special cases, placed in the middle of the surface of the ramp step width which must be no more than 28-30 cm. If you exceed this size front-wheel strollers will fall through into this space.However, for the construction of a ramp does not recommend the use of guide channels made of metal.
Attach fasteners in porch and weld the frame of the ramp, made according to your drawings and calculations.With seal the grout joints and align the pad.Then stack cover.