Inspect vending you acrylic baths.Explore the thickness of the reinforced acrylic layers.The thickness of the bath can be determined using a conventional flashlight.Just turn it on and bring close to the wall.The light from the flashlight is not to be seen from the opposite side, otherwise it is said that in front of you poor quality product with a thin wall.
Tap in different places on the body.Strong instance shall make a hollow sound.Smell.The presence of a sharp chemical smell indicates that the model is made of cheap materials.
Spend a hand over the surface.It must be free of all kinds of scratches, roughness, dents and bumps.If the opinion of the Seller, the hillocks are a feature of a particular material, d
o not believe him.This is a common plastic, and it should not be uneven.
Consider the color, it should be uniform and not have streaks.At their presence can be seen that before you married a good producer does not allow this.
Examine the bottom of the tub.Ideally, it should be perfectly smooth.In fact, stop on a perfectly smooth surface does not slide, as it seems at first glance.If there are lumps in the bath, it is probably a marriage or a special marketing tool manufacturer.Think about whether or not to acquire such instance for questionable features.
Select the optimum size of acrylic bathtubs.The best height is 65-70 cm, a bath is not difficult to climb.The optimum depth of acrylic baths is 50-60 cm. In this case, an adult can no problems to keep his head above water.The approximate length should be 150-180 cm. Make the final choice depending on your height to comfortably lie down in the bath, and do not sit, knees bent.The width can be selected individually.