you need
  • for cubing of timber you will need a tape measure and a special table (which you can ask the seller), which are called "kubaturnik."
Wood is the raw material for the production of more than twenty thousand products and products.Methods of processing raw wood are divided into three groups: mechanical, chemical, mechanical and chemical.Mechanical wood processing is to change its shape sawing, planing, milling, peeling, drilling, chopping.As a result of mechanical treatment, a variety of consumer goods and industrial use.The value of different species of wood is their strength, durability and a unique pattern.Such wood is used to make be
autiful furniture, flooring, doors, various interior items, considered to be elite, given the initial high cost and the size of the effort required to process it.In Russia, following are the most common species are oak, cherry, beech, pear, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, maple.
board - timber up to 100 mm and a width greater than twice the thickness.Boards made of logs or timbers.Used in construction, furniture industry, in the production of container and others. Depending on the propylene edges are the following types of boards: Edged (skromkoy on both sides), one-sided boards (the edge with one hand) and uncut.When the sale of timber, of course, have their measure.Indeed, in contrast to other types of goods they do not sell any piece, any weight and in cubic meters .The volume of softwood and hardwood determined in two ways.You should measure the same level and to calculate its volume, the volume is calculated according to the formula V = L x (multiply) the width of the X (multiply) thickness.So you get the same amount of boards, is now counted all the board, multiply the amount of one board on the number of boards and the amount you get all the timber you brought.
more wood volume you can calculate using the so-called kubaturnika (GOST 5306-83), which is designed to calculate the volume edged softwood and hardwood.In kubaturnike (standard) table shows the amounts of one meter in length and a table for one piece of lumber.Based on them, and determining the purchase price.For example, we need to find the amount of 70 edging boards in the thickness of 22 mm, a width of 125 mm and a length of 4.5 m. To do this, find the table of lumber thickness of 22 mm and at the intersection of the horizontal columns, wherein the width of 125 mm, and the vertical columns, where availablelength 4.5 m, we find the volume of 0.01238 m3.Then, by multiplying the volume by the number of lumber in the party we get the desired volume in m3: 0.01238 m 3 X 70 = 0.8666 m3.To answer a guide that includes four-gon about 55-60 m3 of edged softwood lumber.