Tip 1: How to lay a plywood floor

One of the environmentally friendly and fairly durable plywood flooring is considered.It can serve as a good basis for the topcoat, while it would create additional heat and sound insulation.To cover the floor with plywood correctly, you must do the following.
you need
  • - sheets of plywood;
  • - primer deep penetration;
  • - garden film or airgel insulation;
  • - jigsaw or handsaw;
  • - bar 20 × 20 mm;
  • - Self-leveling;
  • - mixer, trowel, squeegee, shovel.
If you already filled and operated concrete floor, take a tape measure and set aside by the far wall a distance equal to the width of a sheet of plywood.This will be the line of the joint.Note it on the floor.
Take a chisel and a hammer and knock out the trench width and a depth of 20 mm.Lay in her timber.Cover the floor primer.
Dissolve Self-leveling floor and fill it.Knead it into a basin mixer or a drill, and pour it on the entire surface over the edge, level mop.Allow the mixture to dry at least a week.Check the deg
ree of drying floor.To do this, place a piece of zakameneloy salt.If after an hour the salt will not fall apart, it means that the floor is dry.
Cover the film or its airgel insulation.When underlain substrate do not leave large gaps and overlaps, especially if you are using a heater.Airgel layer Lay the foil to the concrete base.
Place a single sheet of plywood and nail them to the beam in the screed.If you have correctly calculated the position of the beam spot, the strengthening of plywood on the floor you will not have problems.To use nailing nails of 20-25 mm and a hammer.The distance between nails should be no more than 5 cm. To the nails did not get out of plywood, pre-soak them in a strong salt solution for the night.
Measure exact distance from the wall to the edge of the joint attached sheet and using jigsaw cut from a single piece of plywood sheet of the desired size.Attach it to the floor with nails similarly.
electric drill Drill holes for mounting the plinth and fix it on the perimeter of the room near each wall.To the joint on the skirting boards is not visible, make it lapped at an angle of 45º.
Cover the floor of plywood protective paint or solution to ensure its preservation for many years.To ensure good ventilation of the room in the process of drying and prevent access to animals and birds, close the windows and doors mosquito net.

Tip 2: How to cover the floor

Beautiful and smooth floors - an important element of the interior.Flooring planks out of the ordinary is no longer in vogue.He was replaced by a more aesthetic materials such as parquet, laminate, cork, carpet.Having decided to obscure the floor of the apartment or house yourself, you will certainly ask: "What and how to do it?»
How to cover the floor
First of all you should determine the materials.In the hall, where the floor is often Mara and vysharkivaetsya can put ceramic tile, granite or laminate.They are characterized by high resistance to wear and easy to wash.Laminate is resistant to moisture and shock, so it is used for food stagnation, which often spilled water is dropped on the floor and dishes.Ceramic tile can not withstand the impact of a hard object and crack, so treat it must be handled carefully.To floors not slide, choose terracotta.Ceramic coating colder than made of laminate, so it is advisable to make a living obogrev.V will look good parquet, laminate, linoleum and PVC tiles.Parquet different environmental friendliness and durability.For its production using precious woods - oak, walnut, beech, larch.PVC tiles is resistant to abrasion and moisture.Her image can simulate any coating made of stone, wood, cork and other materialov.Dlya bedrooms and children's suit cork, carpet flooring, Marmoleum.Stopper as parquet relates to environmental materials.It is pleasant to the touch, has good insulation and antibacterial properties.Marmoleum is available in the form of tiles, made of natural materials.It is resistant to fire, is represented by a large assortment of colors.
Before laying the necessary to tear off the plinth cover, remove the old floor, clean working surface of the litter and dust.Dust is better to collect a vacuum cleaner.Then you need to patch up the cracks, potholes in the concrete on the walls and put a mark on the laser or water level.Marks is more convenient to put on a laser level.To do this, find the highest point of the curved floor, put it level, and turns it on.On the walls of the room you will see a red line.Spend it with chalk or pencil.That mark will be done leveling the floor.
few options floor leveling - the flooring plywood, cement and self-leveling floors .Before applying the mortar floor is primed spray or with a brush.From wall to wall, make a mark on the stretch the rope, and the best two in the form of a cross.Focusing on the rope and the marks on the wall, exhibiting beacons - rail or rails of plasterboard.The distance between the beacons - 60-90 centimeters.
Fill it with a mixture of self-leveling floor or cement-sand mortar and leveled on beacons a wide spatula.Wait for the filling dry.Wait desirable 3-4 days, and then the floor was covered with selected cover.
Helpful Hint
Flooring different flooring has its own characteristics.Before laying linoleum is recommended to stick to the molten asphalt in two layers of fiber board.Linoleum without warm foundations laid on mastic.Under the block parquet that is glued to the substrate, it is desirable to lay the plywood.