you need
  • - flower pot;
  • - expanded clay for drainage;
  • - nourishing soil.
Start buying flower pot.Its size must conform to the shape and size of the selected flower.Note that the tap root system of some plants require narrow, deep containers and surface mochkovaya root system - small and wide.Flower pots - the best option for ample plants.Browse special literature, talk to the seller-consultant flower shop.The main thing that you have a good idea of ​​what colors you want to have at home and pre-defined place for them (on the windowsill, on the floor, on the
wall, on racks, shelves, etc.).
If you want your pots are original and unique, buy a simple unglazed pots and paint the their own, cover the paint, decorate with applications of beads, buttons, ribbons, fruit seeds and pits.Be creative.
Prepare the soil.In the flower shops now sell ready mixes for almost all types of indoor plants.Unlike land prepared independently purchased from a retailer passed industrial processing, so that it guarantees the absence of harmful debris and impurities, animal excrement, insect larvae and weed seeds.Moreover, in such mixtures there is a set of essential nutrients (macro- and trace elements), so that the flowers planted therein requires long feeding.
Arrange in the bottom of the pot for good drainage from the expanded clay, gravel or river / sea ledeshkov.Fill the earth, moisten the soil, make a recess in the center of the flower and plant , you bought at the store, on the market or given to friends, colleagues, family (maybe you of rooted cuttings or sprigs liked plants).You can decorate the "territory" around your flower sprinkled on the soil surface or placing colored drainage beautiful stones.
Pour your land according to the type of flower.On peculiarities of irrigation read in the literature or find information on the Internet or consult a specialist.Find out whether your plant loves humidity and, if so, get a humidifier or sprayer (atomizer), and do not forget to spray flower .If flower has large leaves, often wipe them with a damp, soft sponge.