If you practice yoga, you should know that proper diet - one of its most important conditions.If a person is excessively load the stomach, it not only leads to the appearance of excess weight, but also to poor health.Therefore, yoga is taught not only to hold the correct posture and breath control, but also intelligently consume food.

heavy meal overload the stomach, so perform some asanas can be difficult.But this, of course, does not mean that you should starve.Yoga classes do not involve serious limitations.There are only some of the recommendations, which it is desired to perform.The last meal should be at least 3 hours before the start of classes.So it's best to practice yoga in the early morning.After training, it is recommended not to eat about a
n hour.

After classes are encouraged to eat food containing a large amount of calcium and potassium.For example, a banana with milk or vegetable salad with fat cheese.In your daily diet should be low-fat varieties include fish and beans, because these products are a source of protein.

It is advisable not to eat fatty foods, fried, spicy.Try to give up the sauces (especially mayonnaise), candy, fast food, snacks, baked goods, chewing candies.These products do not provide practically any organism of nutrients.

One of the teachings of yoga says that the stomach should be filled with food for two quarters, one quarter of drinks, and the last quarter should be left blank for the free allocation of gas in the digestive process.Therefore, get up from the table with a feeling of easy hunger.

main meal should take place between 9 am and 13 days.It is in these hours the digestive organs work best.The last meal should be no later than 19 pm, because later on the human body has adjusted to the rest.

Shortly after the start of the course, you may notice that your food preferences changed.And this is perfectly normal, because the work your body to normal.Many people say that they practically stopped eating meat and salt.So do not specifically address the issue of nutrition.The time will come, and you just do not want to eat junk food.