Project water floor heating due to the complexity of calculations must be performed only by professionals, but you can mount the floor and himself, thus saving considerable amount of money.Home to perform work on the basis of the project, because the project of your heating system will still be her passport for life.

Getting Started

surface on which is mounted a floor must be smooth and even, cleaned of debris.For the waterproofing of floor can come polyethylene film, of a thickness of 100 microns.

Once you have made waterproofing the floor, proceed to install the damper tape around the perimeter of the room.The tape is used to compensate for the expansion of the concrete slab when it is heated.Use this tape should be required.

then stacked insulating layer.
The material can be used for thermal insulation of polystyrene.After you have installed the thermal insulation in the room throughout the area, you can install a reinforced mesh.Its function - is mounting the heating circuits and the reinforcement of concrete floor screed.The grid is used with a rod of 4-5 mm and a width of 100 mm cell.


After the preparatory work proceed directly to the installation of heating elements.Pipes for floor heating water sold in coils and cut during installation, depending on the length of the heating circuit.Circuit begins and ends at the heating manifold assembly that is performed in a loop circuit.

pipe loop is attached to the reinforced mesh using plastic clamps.On installation of one meter is required pipe clamp 3-4.In place of an exit pipe from the floor to install protective corners on the pipe to prevent damage.

are now ready to connect to the heating circuit manifold.The tube is attached to the collector with the help of special items (compression fitting), installation of which is intuitive, the main pipe to cut the ball at the right angle.


Gathering heating collector, fully tighten all compression fittings with a wrench.Proceed to configure the heating collector on the basis of the project, which indicated how many revolutions must be opened or that the crane.

After the adjustment it is necessary to apply in the water and see how it works.If all is well, you can start pouring concrete floor.Filling is done when filled the heating system.