you need
  • - polycarbonate;
  • - related documentation;
  • - vise.
distinctive feature of polycarbonate is possible even in the forming of his cold.For example, to bend the glass, the heat treatment should be performed.This ability to bend the polycarbonate sheet is determined by its minimum bend radius.Note that the thinner polycarbonate, so it is easier to bend sheets.
From supporting documentation to find out what is the minimum bend radius indicator acquired polycarbonate sheet.Thus monolithic polycarbonate sheet with a thickness of 4 mm can be bent to a radius of not less than 0.6 meters.For PVC foam with a thickness of minimum bending radius is 1 m, while for PMMA - 1.32 meter.Polycarbonate can be bent
only in length cells.
to bend the polycarbonate sheet secure it in a vice and bend the workpiece by hand. Polycarbonate has excellent properties - flow properties, so this material is perfectly bent and acquires any form conceived for him (in this respect similar to polycarbonate sheet).This material is so durable, that being subjected to pressure, it does not break or crack, keeping the strength and staying steady.
Take on arming the fact that the fluidity of polycarbonate slightly increases with the rise in temperature at the temperature 125 degrees flow index only slightly different from the same index at room temperature.In view of this, the conclusion: there is no sense to heat the polycarbonate to bend it, because he is so great oppression.