you need
  • - pot for houseplants;
  • - permeable soil;
  • - grain of cocoa beans;
  • - water;
  • - sticks for pollination;
  • - humidifier;
  • - organic fertilizer.
Fill the pot for houseplants ground and thoroughly loosen it.
Lower grain of cocoa beans in warm water and leave it there for a day.
A day in the prepared soil make a recess (about one centimeter), sprinkle with water and place the dimple seed, and the top cover with soil.
pot with upset granule right position in the room: it must not be exposed to direct sunlight.In addition, cocoa does not l
ike drafts and proximity to the central battery heating system.Remember that in the wild cocoa growing in partial shade, that is, under the canopy of huge trees, close access to the light.
plant Provide stable high temperature (25 degrees above zero) and high humidity (can be with him to establish a humidifier), and have just two weeks from seed will sprout small.
Over time, young red-orange leaves chocolate tree will find a dark green color on the plant appear reddish and white flowers.So, it's time to pollinate the plant.Since the cocoa growing in the home, spend his artificial pollination: to do this, using special sticks, transfer pollen from the stamens to the pistil.
Water the plant with lukewarm water (minimum temperature of 20 degrees), not containing lime.Not too overzealous when watering the plants (roots of cocoa should be moistened slightly) because stagnant water will negatively affect the root system.
In the period from March to September, once a month, feed the plants with organic fertilizers.
Spray cocoa specific solutions that prevent the possibility of infection with viral and fungal diseases.