Seed potatoes has quite a few advantages.First you need to say about the economy of planting material.On the one hundred takes about 7 kg instead of 30 kg Seva tubers.Seedlings have good resistance against viral diseases and degeneration.This culture is hardly affected by viruses.That is why potatoes , which is grown from seed, perfectly healthy.We should also note the ease of storage.The seeds will remain viable for about 20 years.
Anyone can take advantage of the technology of growing seed potatoes.The fruit is a berry potatoes.For this culture need to take seed plot.That's where you need to sow yagodoobrazuyuschy grade.Topper is not recommended to mow.In the fall gather the berries and place them on ripening.It is best to store them in the unheated attic.Already in D
ecember, you can wash the berries ripened from the seeds.
of seed potatoes you can grow in two ways - planting in the ground or through seedlings.Sow the seeds in the ground can only be cultivated and fertile area.This method is popular in the southern regions.In the Non-Black Earth the most commonly planted potato through seedlings.If you properly care for it, you can get a bush about 900 grams of tubers.Seedlings should be grown indoors.Temperature it should not be below 15 degrees Celsius.Seeds pre-soak in water for a day.It is also well suited for this purpose solutions of trace elements and bio-stimulants.
in open ground to plant seeds need to be in the early stages.3-4 square meters takes about 1 g of seed.Mix them with dry earth and plant to a depth of 1 cm. Between the lines should be a distance of about 20 cm. Then the well-fertilize the soil and proryhlit.Crops need to mulch with peat or humus.Before emergence recommended cover them with foil.In most cases the shoots begin to appear already on the 10th day.After that must be addressed immediately weeding crops.Watering is carried out as required.In the summer, you should regularly loosened and spud crops.