Choose tiles for bathroom, for practical reasons.The most secure as a floor covering is considered to be durable unglazed tiles with a rough surface, serving as protection against slipping.For the walls will fit the material of the first or second group, which has water-repellent properties and resistance to chemicals.All purchased tiles (or granite) should be from the same batch, an identical pitch.
determine the color tiles, in fact it sets the basic background coloristic entire room.Focus on your taste in choosing colors and pattern, but keep in mind that for small bathrooms tile designers do not recommend dark colors because of her visual space is narrow.Try to shades of the tiles on the floor and the wal
ls were a total range of colors.Do not forget that brought from the store turquoise tiles in the bathroom may be green because of differences in coverage.Therefore, in advance make allowances for artificial light, but rather ask for a sample to examine it properly at home.
guide in the selection of tiles on the durability of purchase.Resist the momentary whims of fashion: if the season magazines interior recommend black and white design of the bathroom, not the fact that it will suit you.Psychologists remind us that this room is designed for relaxation and the relaxation of the eye contribute muted, pastel colors, such as pale pink, pale lilac, celadon.
If possible, select material of medium size, at least 20 by 30 or 20 by 25 cm. Too much tile visually reduces the space and put a little too long and not always accurately.In addition, because of the abundance mezhshovnyh seams bathroom quickly corrodes the walls.
Do not be afraid to use in the design of additional elements, such as the insertion of a mosaic.Particularly successful they look on the background of monochromatic tiles on the walls.Traditional variant - a panel consisting of several pieces that form a pattern or figure.If you are interested in not only aesthetic, but also functional decor, note the bas-reliefs with built-in hooks for clothes and even the shelves.