you need
  • vinegar;
  • special construction funds;
  • warm water;
  • sponge;
  • spatula;
  • grater construction
If you want to remove tile glue from a tile, it is recommended to do this in two stages.The first - dry cleaning.Produce it using a special float construction.At the time of execution of works hold the tool at right angles to the surface of the tile itself.Drive the float diagonally to not tear off cover in the joints between the tiles.Do not forget that you need to clean off the tile adhesive immediately, while he had not yet had time to dry and harden.
After dry-cleaning time, let the glue dry, then proceed to the second stage.Now remove adhesive residue with warm water and a spo
nge.Carefully wet the surface and rub in a circular motion.So gradually you get rid of all imperfections.
If you dawdled and did not immediately removed from the adhesive surface, causing it to harden, then use special tools.Such as, for example, construction concentrated liquids or powders, specifically designed for such work.Spread them according to the instructions on the package, and then apply to pollution and carefully remove any excess building material.
can try to remove the adhesive and just mechanically - with a spatula.However, this should be done very carefully.Otherwise, you can just ruin the surface of the tiles.
possible to remove the adhesive from the surface of the tiles and using ordinary vinegar.Wash very carefully, do not rub strongly, or scratch the tiles and repair have to redo again.
If you have noticed the remnants of glue on the wall after removed the old flooring, then try to clean them with the help of funds for washing concrete.Rip off with tools useless - may mar the surface of organizing her cracked and chipped.If you use a special liquid, removal of adhesive residues will be uniform and will take much softer.