Tip 1: How to sew a patchwork blanket

main difference between Russian art from the American patchwork patchwork - using only scraps left over from sewing other products.With this technique, you can save a lot of fabric and sew much more products, for example - a patchwork blanket with colorful patterns.
determine the size and dimensions of patchwork blankets squares.Draw a diagram on paper blankets, placing colors in the order you want.Note that for the bottom layer of the fabric is also needed, you sew the top.The optimum size of hand quilt square - 10-15 cm., But depending on the size of blankets you can increase or decrease the flaps on your own.
carve two parts for each square (fabric for the top and bottom).By the planned size of the squares, add 2 cm. - Seam allowances.Fold detail at each other face inward sostrochite typed on three sides.Remove and Stitch on the fourth.Just treat all squares.
Start connecting seam squares "over the edge" or a simple machine stitching, pre-Smetana at a distance of 5
mm.From the edges.

Tip 2: How to sew a quilt

quilt is quilted textile product, the front side of which is sewn from colorful colorful pieces of fabric.Gaskets for it often serves as padding polyester or batting.Such a blanket can always be found on sale, but it is much nicer to sew his own hands.
How to sew a quilt
you need
  • - Denim;
  • - lining fabric;
  • - sintepon;
  • - mercerized thread;
  • - sewing machine.
basis blankets often make section flaps, stitched by a single scheme.Getting sewing, make a sketch.Experiment with color combinations within the same section.Draw on a checkered sheet of several variants of color segments.Choose a color combination, which show you the most successful.
selected fabrics in accordance with its plan, cutting 288 square patches of 8x8 cm. Fold the two flaps together, right sides, and leaving 0.5 cm on the allowances, prostrochite.Smooth seams to one side.
Sostrochennye pairs flaps connect with other couples so as to get a block of four.Before you lay line, chipped the central pin or baste seams, aligning the edges of allowances.Make a 72 block.
Fold blocks the front side and sostrochite series, consisting of eight units.Allowances then iron the seams right.Then fabricate in the same way the second row, but the allowances direct to the left.All nine series, connect together, putting their right sides and combining stitches.Press out allowances in different directions.Sostrochite ready ranks together.
Otutyuzhte lining.Lay it on a flat, clean surface, face down.Spread on top of the lining or padding polyester batting.Flatten all the bumps and creases.Patchwork top place on top of the batting.All three layers are gently flatten.
Starting from the middle, sour cream or chipped pin all the layers.Pin and stitch at this should be directed to the edges of the blankets, and the distance between them is about 20 cm.
In the center covered in the place where converge the four central rag, follow the first stitch tie.To do this, take the needle with mercerized thread and pierce through all the layers.Bring the needle in a nearby scrap of closer to the first rental.Reaching up the thread, leave the tip of a length of 5 cm in the place where the needle went in the first time.Do this one more stitch and pull the thread, leaving a five-centimeter "tail", cut off the excess.Tie a square knot thread by pulling layers of blankets.So pull together all the points at which converge four small patches.
  • how to sew a quilt patchwork
patchwork technique requires long and laborious work, but the result is worth it.Beautiful image created solely by you, made curtains especially warm and soft.