you need
  • - gymnastic mat;
  • - elastic band.
learn two exercises to form a beautiful line press.The first exercise - "turn the body."Sit on the floor or on a gym mat, bend your knees, keep feet together, place feet flat on the floor.Hands pull in front of you (if you are performing exercises with the tape, then pass it under the heels, grasp the ends, keeping the palms in front of chest).Taking a deep breath, straighten your back.Without changing the position of the hands, exhale slowly leaning backward.Do it slowly, to have time to make an even breath.Expand the chassis to the right at the next breath.Then inhale and return to starting position as you exhale, repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.Perform five to
eight repetitions.Each repetition should include two turns in different directions.
second exercise - "Reverse Crunch".Lying on your back, bend your knees and cross your ankles and lift your legs up.Put your hands along the body.Breathe.On the exhale, pull the knees, thus severing the buttocks off the floor.Again inhale and return to starting position, using the power of the abdominal muscles.Repeat six to eight times.
Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hips. "Straighten the legs."Lying on your back, bend your knees so that they were just above the hips .Keep your heels together, toes apart.If you use a tape, then pass it under the toes and take hold of the ends.Press should be tense, coccyx and buttocks tightly pressed to the floor.Breathe.Exhale, straighten your legs, keeping them off the floor at an angle of 45 degrees.Return to the starting position at the next breath.Make exercise eight to ten times.
Ā«Alternate lifting legs."Lying on his right side, his feet put together in line with the body, pull socks, head - on the right hand, left hand, rest against the floor in front of chest.Take a breath, tighten your abs and lift your pelvis to the level of the left leg.Next hang her right leg on the exhale and return to the starting position.Repeat the exercise five to ten times, turn to the other side and do the same number of repetitions with the other leg.
Do the exercises 5-7 times a week, doing one of each approach.One lesson - 10-15 minutes.