sleepers use as a building material - is not news, especially in the areas immediately adjacent to the railway.Build from sleepers simply and quickly, which greatly contribute to their size.In addition to all the advantages that a wooden structure of sleepers , it is not subject to decay and insect attack as a powerful antiseptic impregnated - creosote.However, as is known, it has some creosote carcinogenic and therefore for the construction of the garage better use of old sleepers s, creosote content which is much lower than the new.
Since the garage of sleepers will be much easier to brick or concrete, you can save considerably on the found
ation.By the foundation of the first series of sleepers fix bolts, which have by pouring the foundation to be in it to mount.We recommend using screws with a diameter of about 40 mm every meter.
Make sure that the bolts exactly coincided with drilled in sleepers ah holes, as from the first row very much depends.All subsequent rows are fastened together by metal straps for greater strength - metal strips 20h4 mm or 30x4 mm (width and thickness) along the diagonals.To fix the bands, drill holes in them, which then drive in nails or screw the screws.
If you have planned to do in the garage window or doorway, then sleepers s can be placed vertically.Pay special attention to strengthening the quality of the corners.They certainly should be smooth and firm.
After the erection of walls need to upholster their shingles and plastered.As practice shows, garages sleepers are very strong, they are always warm and dry.There is still the question of how to calculate the number of sleepers , required for garage ?For example, on house size 10h10h3 enough about 350 m sleepers .