Autonomous sewerage or septic tank, is an indispensable element of any country house.The essence of such a system lies in the biological wastewater treatment for about 3 days.Wherein solids settle to the bottom and the liquid passes into the second chamber and leaks out into the soil or removed.At present, there are 2 options sewage tanks.

Sealed septic

This capacity, which prevents contact of waste into the soil, so it must be cleaned regularly.Before mounting a sealed septic tanks to choose its location.It must be a minimum distance of 5 meters from the apartment building;It should be possible entrance assenizatorskaya machine.Gaining a better septic tank with 2 cameras (at least).Do not forget to calculate the volume and sewage: a family of 4 people with the active use of the water supply capacity will n
eed a 3 "cube".

Before digging sand pit cook, he will need to backfill the bottom (thickness 10-15 cm) and its alignment.For existing technological gaps on the sides of the tie rope and lower the septic tank (need 4 people).Next, align capacity level.To do this you need to get up on its surface and rock the septic tank, podsypaya sand to the right place.Possible bias to the drive (1 m 1 cm).You can now insert the extension cap and fill the container with water by 2/3.On all sides the septic tank is filled with sand (up to half) you want to throw water to compact the backfill.

Septic bottomless

This type of battery is also called sewer septic tank without pumping.The simplest type of construction - two concrete rings, put on each other and dug into the ground on the edge of the upper ring.Such a septic tank can only bring the pipeline with a slope of 1 cm per meter.However, preferred to build double-hulled system with 4 reinforced concrete rings.In this case, in the first chamber to accumulate solid waste, and the second liquid shimmer.

cameras, each of which consists of 2 rings away from each other by about 30 cm. Between a camera connected to a segment of the pipe diameter of 100 mm, which extends from the top edge at 20-25 cm. The upper ring can be closed with homemade coversor buy special, made of reinforced concrete, with well hatches.Every few years, the first chamber will still have to be cleared of silt.