squat toilet appeared many years ago.Over time, they perfected: underwent changes in their system drain, slightly varied form, colors, design features.But in general, the modern squat toilet is not much different from their ancestors can not be said about the newly emerged overhead structures.

Suspended toilets have replaced conventional floor in order to make the space more modern design and perfect.Their design is more complex than the classical counterparts, though the essence remains the same.What are the main pros and cons of suspended toilets?

Suspended toilets: advantages and disadvantages

main advantage hanging toilet floor in front of their
brothers is high aesthetic properties of this design.Suspended toilets do not touch the floor, which facilitates cleaning and does not violate the integrity of the perception of the interior.

Tanks with a discharge mechanism in the overhead structures are usually hidden in the wall or in special boxes.If the system is flush in the wall, it helps to save space and improve the appearance of the room.Also suspended toilets are considered more modern and topical solution for any space.

However, despite all of the above advantages, suspension designs have their drawbacks.These include: a higher price compared to the cost squat toilet, the complexity of the installation of the system, the need for special mounting installations for loads up to 400 kg.

serious inconvenience in finding the tank wall and a lack of opportunity, if necessary, to quickly get to the flushing mechanism.Preference in this case should be given to models with large buttons flush - when dismantling opens a hole through which you can repair the drain valve.If the button is small, repair have to dismantle part of the wall, which requires time and additional costs for the subsequent restoration of the beauty of the interior.It should also be noted that the replacement of an overhead squat toilet in the need to change the wiring of sewer pipes.

Which toilet select

choice in favor of a design toilet will depend entirely on your preferences.If you do not aspire to your interior meets the latest fashion trends, do not want additional difficulties in Plumbing installation and repair, want to save money when buying and installing a new toilet, choose a classic outdoor option.If you - a supporter of new original designs and modern spatial solutions, you are not afraid of the complexity of installation and maintenance of plumbing, you can opt for a suspended toilet.