Undoubtedly, log house, unlike the structures of concrete blocks, has many advantages.He, like a brick house, can last quite a long time, and find it beneficial to human health.But to use it as a holiday home or villa is not desirable.

log home features

Log houses, the design of which can be selected independently, have a long service life with permanent residence in them.For daily heating at home with the help of the furnace it is not only heat the room, but its ventilation.Air in combustion flame comes out of the room and out through the chimney.In its place comes the fresh air and thus do not appear in the house damp, stagnant zones.This process provides such a housing durability.

For this reason, the house
s are not heated or if it happens regularly, easily damaged.One day visit chopped house in winter with natural furnace while the furnace has a frame to the same effect as the yearly cycle of the seasons.If use it only in summer, it is not necessary to its merit.

Ready log house has a traditional notching and connections and, not having practical skills to perform quality work with their own hands is almost impossible.

Pros and cons of log houses

tree since ancient times been used for housing.And today it is one of the most popular materials.The advantages he has enough - ecology, reliability, durability, and is currently home of this material successfully compete with other materials. Durability log house depends on the quality of its construction.

most popular for the construction of a round logs.Houses made of a material suitable for a seasonal residence, and permanent.And the existing contemporary designs of wooden houses allow to construct a building of any complexity - from a small structure with a veranda to a solid building with open terraces and balconies.

Energy beam houses are cozy and warm.Due to the low thermal conductivity in the hottest time in their fresh, and in winter - heat.The air in these homes is much "easier" because of the volatile production allocated to a tree.The main types of wood for the construction of pine or spruce are.They have a sufficient strength and thus are of little value.For the lower house of rims used larch, which has more than pine or spruce moisture resistance and durability. to protect wood from pests and adverse external influences it is impregnated with a special liquid impregnation.

In addition a large number of advantages, this material has disadvantages.The most basic is its flammability.Therefore, the walls of a wooden house is treated with flame retardants.In addition, the log cabin has shrinkage, due to which it significantly increased the construction time.