Paint the ceiling in the living room will be different from the paint for kitchen and bathroom.In the first case it is enough for any paint dry rooms.As for wet areas, there is need paint, which has water resistance, anti-fungal components;suitable for frequent washing.In the case of the kitchen ceiling is good to pick a paint that is resistant to sedimentation of soot from the stove.
It is generally classified according to the type of paint bases.Oil paints are inherently varnish, enamel - paint.These two types are called alkyd paints.Alkyd paint diluted with White spirit, turpentine or linseed oil, because of which have a pungent odor and can be used only in well-ventilated areas.They long to dry and do not have the fire properties.
distemper are based on aqueous solutions of organic polymers.Such paints good "breathe", that is breathable.However, forming a porous surface, they are also perfectly absorb moisture, so not recommended for use in wet areas.
Water based paint is a suspension of components (pigment and binder base), introduced into the water.After drying water paint into a film.The paint is most often used, as it has low odor (or do not have them at all), dries quickly.It is used in dry areas, as fairly easily washed off.
One variety of aqueous emulsions are water-dispersion paints.To distinguish them from water-based paints is that they are moisture resistant and may be mechanically cleaned.The downside is that the aqueous dispersion does not have the variety of colors, which is famous for latex paint.Water-dispersion paints can only be white.
Water diluted acrylic, latex, silicone and silicate paints.They all have different degrees of durability, but they can cover up cracks and even serve as a primer.For wet areas are ideal silicone paints, silicate and prevent fire surface (which may be relevant in the country with wooden ceiling).
primed metal, stone, wood and plaster surfaces can be painted with alkyd and latex paint.But note that latex poorly applied to the surface of the lacquer and paint on top of the glue.
paint for the ceiling can be glossy or matte.Gloss paints depends on what proportion of its components are (in less glossy paint coloring pigment).For a perfectly smooth ceiling suitable semi-gloss paint.But most of all you want to hide the flaws, so experts advise to use matte paint.