every morning or evening, perform a small set of physical exercises.To tighten the abdominal muscles and the sides need not torture yourself activities.The main thing - to do the exercises consistently.
to remove the stomach and sides at home, take on arms twisting.Lie on the floor, put his hands behind his head and his legs bend at the knees at a right angle so that the lower leg are parallel to the floor.Alternately, immerse the legs bent to the left, then to the right side.Loins thus should not come off the floor.
Stay in the same position.Now drag the left elbow to your right knee, then the right - to the left.This twisting is most effective help to burn fat in the press and the sides.
Get on all fours, leaning on his hands and knees.Head tilted down, pressing his chin to his che
st, pull one knee to the stomach.On the exhale, straighten your leg with force, pushing it back and up.At the same time leans her head back.
Get back to the wall so that between the vertical surface and the heels were a distance of 40-60 cm. Slowly turn your upper body to the wall, trying to stretch it with both hands.For beginners will be quite a stretch palm.Keep the legs and thighs remained motionless.Repeat several times in both directions.
Remove belly and hips in the home will help one simple exercise.Located on the right side, lean the right elbow on the floor, and hand supports the head.The left hand on her waist.Make sure that the body does not overwhelm the forward or backward.Commit Mahi straight leg up - as high as you can.
Stand with feet wider than shoulders.Right leg expand outwardly at an angle of 90 degrees and the left - inwards at an angle of 45 degrees.Direct hands apart.Pull the top part of the body of the right hand, and then bend sideways and grasp the right palm of his right ankle.The left hand simultaneously moves upward.Now, turning back, grasp your right knee with your left hand and right hand move up.Legs always straight and still!Thus executed twist.This exercise is adapted from yoga and is called the "triangle."
to tighten the abdominal muscles and the sides with your feet together and sit down to your knees bent at a right angle.Somknite palms together in front of chest, head and stretch up without lifting the chin.Turn the housing side, head for the elbow of opposite knee.Thus knees should look well ahead.