you need
  • - duct tape or masking tape;
  • - electrical or mechanical "gun";
  • - degreasing surface;
  • - tissue;
  • - soap solution;
  • - knife.
Buying sealant for the first time, get together with him a suitable gun.For larger holes, use an electric - it will facilitate your task several times.If the work surface is small (for example, a seam in the bathroom), feel free to take air.
Before applying the sealant tube must be prepared.It is important to cut the top of the spout.The angle recommended by the manufacturer and professional repairers, 45 degrees.For easier implementation of the operations acquired in the store special safety knife.
Prepare the cartridge for the job.Squeeze the lever of the gun as close as possible to the handle, pull the metal pin in the vacated space to pl
ace a tube sealant.Push the plunger in her gun.Apply sealant is necessary by pressing the trigger.Their operating principle is similar to a conventional syringe.
Clean from dirt surface for sealant application.Degrease it with a special compound.Wipe clean with a cloth.Note that the surface as the sealant should be at room temperature (or not less than 5 and not more than 40 degrees).
on the surface of the hole along parallel strips of glue masking tape or duct tape.Make sure that the distance between them was the same, and lay down in the middle of the sealant tapes.When this excess material must not be on the surface and on the adhesive strips.
pistol at an equal distance from the seam during processing.Try to keep the same pressure and speed distribution along the entire length of the work.In the case of too rapid application of sealant will form discontinuous thin strips with bubbles.Slow application is fraught with the formation of large amounts of waste and unreasonable waste of material.Also have to spend more time on the cleaning of the surface of the excess sealant.
After applying the peel off the tape soak wand with a tissue or your finger in soapy water (can use a regular shampoo or shower gel).Gently correct all the irregularities of the application.Wait for the complete drying of the sealant.