you need
  • - drainage cushion;
  • - plaster.
First you need to treat the blind area.Remove 20-25 cm of earth and lay the drain pad, consisting of sand and gravel.Pour 15 cm of concrete, let it harden.Top add three centimeters of asphalt, the coating should have a slope.Along the perimeter of the track every two meters do expansion joints, it will prevent the fracture surface.Put these strip joints vinyl or any other elastic material.
must then plastered base.Cement-lime plaster layer align and strengthen the surface.You can add to the mix the plasticizer, it will increase the water-repellent effect of the solution.To cladding layer is more durable on brick and concrete surfaces attach a metal mesh, and put it on
top of the plaster.To improve the waterproofing of the entire surface of the bitumen Spread grease cap can cover a layer of roofing material.
to decorate the exterior of the foundation, it must be treated.The cheapest and easiest option - to paint the building in support of the appropriate color.With the help of a plastic and homogeneous paint thick consistency you can decorate the original foundation.Spray apply the paint on the wall, stick Draw contours of stones.The only disadvantage of such a lining - fragility.
base can be trimmed and natural stone, it looks very nice, but expensive.This cladding has high protective properties.To fix stones, prepare the reinforced mesh, wooden pegs and hooks.Just glue can not long retain a heavy coating.
Note siding.It is made on the basis of PVC.These plates are very light, strong and durable.In addition, the siding has a wide range of patterns and textures.The sheets are fixed with galvanized nails 15 centimeters from each other in a wooden crate.Do not press the panel too much to each other.
panels that mimic natural materials, is much easier to fix than the stone itself.Choose the color and texture of the surface finish, so they were combined with the material from which the house is built.