first decide what you need a tile - in order to finish the kitchen apron or gender.Then calculate the amount of material required.This can be done using the meter, simply noting the length, height and width of the walls and floor.Then decide the size of the tiles.The smaller the material, the more difficult it is to install and mount.Most tiles on the floor looks good, it is convenient to wash.Choose specialty shops for the sale of building materials, recalculate all the goods with the purchase, take close to transportation - a tile belongs to brittle inventory.
determine the color of the material.Decorators offer to acquire the tiles in one color with top cuisine, bu
t this is possible seldom.Therefore it is possible to make a choice in favor of any other colors, but it is desirable to avoid sharp contrasts.Some manufacturers produce tile with drawing images or mirror coating.There are variants, made of glass.Keep in mind that the width of the mirror tiles is almost twice less than usual.Therefore, during installation it must be taken into account.
Look at the surface of the material - on a tile should not be scratched, damaged, chips.Ask the sellers, which produces construction material, which coating density, whether it is porous.The more information you collect, the better.Wash porous tiles must often, in addition, it absorbs all the odors and dirt faster than others.
Glass tile can mimic marble, granite, there are options, made "antique".You will be easier to clean these surfaces than the mirror, behind which requires careful daily care.Finish with such tiles fit very neat housewife, able to spend most of their time in the kitchen.
Look at the hardness of the top decorative layer of glaze tiles, pay attention to the material's resistance to bending tiles.This is indicated on the packaging.The surface must be shock-resistant.To best use the kitchen tile 3 and 4 classes of hardness.The higher the grade, the more expensive stuff.
For walls, choose a tile of a lower-class durability.In spite of its porosity, it is ideal for walls, because the front side is always covered with water resistant coating.If the thermal resistance is less than 125 degrees, then the tile will eventually be formed small cracks, and it will lose the original appearance.
During cleaning do not use products that contain strong chemicals, do not rub the seams abrasive materials - tiles can be easily damaged, the color will fade.Buy a special gels, shampoos for washing dishes and sponges.