you need
  • - foam sheets;
  • - diffusion membrane (IZOSPAN A, AM, AS, etc.);
  • - board thickness 35-40 mm;
  • - Carpentry tools (hammer, saw, ax, etc .;
  • - nails;
  • - stapler.
Before you begin warming wooden house outside, check the quality of the joints between the logs or timbers. If the insulating material (tow, hemp, dried moss, etc.) is loose, prokonopatte wall again or fill the gap with foam.
arrived on a wall boardarranging them vertically. To avoid unnecessary work, the boards should be placed with the exact distance between their centers - with the expect
ation that the sheets of insulation tightly (with little interference) enters the frame. To do this, soak step packing boards equal to S + h-5where: S - width foam sheet; h - the thickness of the insulation boards between the sheets 5 mm - sized to preload installation penoplasta.Dobeytes to the outer surface of the boards was the same vertical plane.The lumber home 's not difficult to do this in the log have to abate some of the log.
Centered nailed boards came another board, setting them on edge.They will form a framework for the installation of insulation.Their width (the depth of the frame) must be equal to the thickness of the foam, the distance between the planks should be at least 5 mm width of foam sheet.
Insert frame foam sheets, starting from the bottom of the wall.If the distance between the frame boards soaked properly, the foam must be kept in the frame due to interference.If some of the sheets fall out, secure them with wedges of foam or nails.The main thing you should pay attention - this is no gap in the joints between the insulation.
Place the foam on top of the diffusion membrane, paying attention to which side it is adjacent to the heater.When using IZOSPAN film should adhere to the white foam party.When using other films, read the instructions to them, which should be specified stacking technology material.The membrane is laid horizontally stripes from the bottom up, overlapping joints 100-150 mm.
Attach the membrane to the wooden frame using a stapler.Glue all of its joints with duct tape.
Obsheyte wall facing material - clapboard siding, etc.